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Contact us so we can help you with your mess! We offer high-end cleaning services in Finland that are intended to maintain your space spotless and lovely so that you can concentrate on more important things, like your family and friends.

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Cleaning FAQs

How can I order a cleaning?

There are many ways to reach us!

1. Book a cleaning on our website here
2. Send us an email to info@hypesiivous.fi
3. Call us at this number 050-536-0121

When is your service available for order?

Our services are flexible at any given time, from Monday to Saturday.

Sunday, Bank holidays, and Special nonworking holidays are upon request with extra charge.

How will I be charged?

Our invoice will be sent through email or electronic invoice. For one cleaning, an invoice will be sent after the cleaning. For weekly & bi-weekly, invoices will be sent after the last cleaning. Once a month, an invoice will be sent after cleaning.

Can I reschedule or cancel the already booked cleaning shift?

Sure, please follow the 24-hour cancellation & rescheduling policy.

This means you can cancel within 24hrs for home cleaning and free options for rescheduling.

What if my regular cleaning falls on a bank holiday?

We have a flexible scheduling system to bend days that fall on holidays.

What if the cleaning shift took less time than what was estimated?

For moving cleaning, cost and service charge will apply according to actual hours of cleaning.

Can I change the cleaner?

We always give freedom & convenience to all of our clients, but we need to understand the reasons for changing to a cleaner.

Do you provide cleaning equipment and detergents?

Yes, we do. We provide all cleaning equipment and detergents in moving cleaning.

For Home Cleaning, the house owner provides the vacuum, mop, and bucket.

What types of cleaning detergents does Hype Siivous use?

We used eco-friendly products such as Green Care brand.

Can I offer my own detergents? Will that affect the price of a service?

Sure, but it will not change the price of services.

Do I need to be present during the cleaning shift?

No, our staff are trustworthy and diligent to do things excellently.

Can I give the keys to Hype Siivous?

Yes, we will provide a key endorsement document for safekeeping.

What if something gets damaged during the cleaning?

NO NEED TO WORRY! Our offered services are secured with liability insurance for any type of damage & loss.

What if I am not satisfied with a cleaning result?

We have plenty of room for criticism, for us to establish good and effective services to consumers. We need to understand the cause of dissatisfaction and come up with effective solutions.

Do I need to sign a contract to order a service?

If you wish to have regular cleaning every month, we encourage you to enter into a cleaning agreement.

What are the terms and conditions?

Our services include 24% tax, a 24-hour cancellation policy, 1year minimum cleaning agreement.

How does the household tax deduction work?

Our services and our business is pre-tax registered, you can avail the household reductions Tax authorities. Learn More About It Here

Live Now. Clean Less.

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Come Home To Peace Of Mind

The Hype Siivous team is committed to providing for your needs both inside and outside the home. Our office staff takes care of all the paperwork and administration requirements like a professional cleaning company so you don’t have to. We handle all of our employees’ local and Social Security taxes, as well as the associated paperwork. Our worry-free assurance is a supporter of our services. If for any reason you are not entirely happy with our services, please let us know within 24 hours and we will make it right.