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Looking for a job where you can have fun while earning a good living with a flexible schedule? Come enjoy the Hype Siivous lifestyle then! Begin a new path to a successful career and become a member of an elite cleaning team!

Join The Hype Siivous Team

As a member of the Hype Siivous team, you would work for an organization that has won awards and be a part of our close-knit team, which collaborates to offer our clients the best cleaning solutions and customer care. We provide compensated training, a great work-life balance, and genuine advancement prospects. Although you may begin as a team member, you might later choose a career path to suit your interests and objectives. For example, you could end up as a team captain, trainer, quality assurance supervisor, or manager.

Do you like vacuuming and cleaning countertops? Your local Hype Siivous outlet might provide the ideal employment for you! Both full-time and part-time house cleaners are in high demand in many locales. Manageable work schedules, reasonable pay, and welcoming workplace culture are all advantages for employees.

Ready for a Fresh Start?

Come join the Hype Siivous team and begin your path to a rewarding career!

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Benefits of Working for Hype Siivous

In addition to a flexible schedule, being a member of the Hype Siivous team has a lot of advantages:

No weekend or evening work allowed

Reclaim your evenings and weekends so you may spend more time with your loved ones.

Regular, Simple to Manage Schedule

The cleaners employed by the Cleaning Authority work full-time. Enjoy all the benefits of having a full-time job!

Training & Assistance

When employees work with the same teammate every day, they develop friendships.

Competitive Payments

Professional cleaners employed by Hype Siivous are compensated hourly rather than per residence they clean.

Excellent clients and brand reputation

The client’s day will be made better by you!

We Provide Full-Time Jobs

The advantages of a full-time position are available to the Professional Housecleaners in each city.

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Looking to join our team at Hype Siivous in Metropolitan Finland? We offer a fun, friendly, team environment with competitive wages and benefits. What more? We put our employee’s well-being a priority!

Interested in joining our team? Send in your application below and we’ll contact you when needed or when we have a job offer!

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